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It's strange to me, how concrete peoples' ideas about what 'intelligence' is are. And how it is meant to be a direct contrast to cognitive disabilities.

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I am strongly considering getting a pet Marimo (algea ball)


(from this listing on Etsy by wendiland, who has a whole bunch of cute little plant pets for sale)

You just have to change their water sometimes, poke them around a bit so they keep growing round, and give them occasional baths. If they get enough sunlight, they float and make bubbles :D

P.S. oman now I can't decide between a Marimo buddy or one of her adorable little modern zen gardens (you can get them with an air plant, a little cactus thing, or a succulent)

I kind of want to get two Marimo homes and a modern zen garden to arrange near each other (water, earth, yes?) but that is getting a bit expensive...

Maybe if I get the bank teller job I will buy them (or maybe just one Marimo and one zen) to celebrate. That sounds like a good plan.

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Hey guys, just FYI, Redbubble is doing free shipping today and tomorrow if you enter the coupon code STARSPANGLED. Incidentally, my Redbubble shop is full of super cute stuff.

P.S. I am also trying this whole tumblr business again. Somebody please help oAo

and/or share your tumblr URLs so I can follow you. I am redcockatrice
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Dad is upstairs watching this commercial on repeat:

He just restarted it for the fourth time straight in a row.

(Also, I think the phone interview went well? I felt like I did terribly but according to everyone who was listening, I did okay, and she didn't call me a f*cking incompetent and hang up the phone or something, so I guess that's a good sign?)
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1. I have a phone interview in an hour to discuss potential teller position at a bank! YAY. ALSO AMKFMKDSF KFMDSK

2. I have Google Analytics running for my Redbubble site now. I'm not sure yet what to actually DO with the information...the bounce rate is pretty high, but I suspect that's kind of typical for Redbubble? IDK about other people, but when I'm on Redbubble it's because I'm looking for something specific to a fandom/character, and I'm probably not going to look at the person's other stuff because Redbubble stuff is just too expensive for me to be ordering more than what I came for -A-

But it is interesting looking at the stats...a whole lot of people using Apple mobile devices. Also, one person visited my page using the browser on the Wii. Also, larger numbers of international views than I would have expected. Which is maybe something to investigate further, since apparently Japanese visitors average five pages per visit, which is way higher than all the others.
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They're 3.5-4 weeks old now, and were going a bit stir-crazy with all the bad weather, so we took advantage of the few moments of sun today to take them out again. I took a bunch of videos of course )
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(sharing for the music, but the video is also nice)

(song is Arrival of the Birds by the Cinematic Orchestra)
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1. I ended up working 1-6 today when I was supposed to only work 2-5. Found out when I came in that she wanted me in early because her boss was coming in for ROR and she didn't want her favorite fucking lady M there because M doesn't work for shit, comes in high, and is probably stealing money from the registers, but manager can't fire her because they're BFFs now (this lady's been BFFs with every manager we've had inth past month - yes, month, we've had THREE MANAGERS IN A MONTH, STOP THIS RIDE I WANNA GET OFF BEFORE I GET FIRED FOR 'STEALING') but she also knows if the boss sees her he's gonna fire her...so I got called in early to cover the last hour of her shift so I'd be there instead because I actually, you know, do my work and shit.

2. Apparently I sometimes actually get emails that mean things? Dominos has been sending me emails about My Coke Rewards Points and I decided to actually look at it and I've accumulated, like, 30 points, 10 each time I've ordered in the past couple weeks. So I went ahead and got an account and spent some of them on sweepstakes for cool things because all the other cheap prizes look like shit and/or are not applicable to my life. But it's pretty cool actually because you can buy Shutterfly stuff with the points, which is great, because I love using those for gifts, and nothing says gift for mom like 'I didn't even have to spend any money on it' 6 u 9 also, the prize that costs the most points? A copy of fucking Norton AntiVirus. LOL. But there's a gourmet mixing bowl set (that's cheaper than that) that looks pretty cool too. Like, really, it doesn't take a lot of points to get this crap, we as a family get three+ boxes of coke-brand product every five days or so, and those are 10 points for regular and 20 points for diet. That's only about...70 shopping trips before I can get a Norton Antivirus for free 6 u 9 orrrr something cooler like a fleece photo blanket from Shutterfly.
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Not dead

Just busy playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Feel free to tell me your friend code if you want to visit each others towns or something oh god I have no idea how that works (I'm borrowing Paige's 3DS to play) if any of you are actually playing or uh

I also made some super cute waistcoats and a friend designed some umbrellas but I don't have the QR machine yet lol

Also some general life updates: I am still working on the next Sybil and Meloic game, LOL, I haven't abandoned it or anything, and I recently actually had a breakthrough in the plot, but the issue is that right now I am literally working 6 days a week (and it would be 7 if I hadn't told the new manager I can't work Fridays) and it's super stressful because there's some shit going down at work as well (money is disappearing, two manager changes in a month, we're way understaffed which is why I'm working 36+ hours this week and pulling multiple 6-8 hour shifts in a week when I'm supposed to be part-time, etc.)

So I don't have the time/energy to actually be doing anything with RPGMaker right now between that and the chickens. I do have some creative energy building up but I think that's just going to go into some Animal Crossing fanart since that doesn't require me to, like, code things.

Rescue Team Baker Street is also still on the burner. When I actually have the job I want and a more reasonable schedule/some time and energy, I'll probably be working on that along with the games I'm doing.
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I had several Real Srs Blog Posts that I was considering doing, but one would be better saved I think until I'm finally done with this job (ugh I want to be done with this job) and the other just...wore me out. So instead I will just do the lazy thing:

This blog and this essay are suggested reading for pretty much everyone. The second link is not working right now, which is pissing me the fuck off, but you can see the google cache of the page here. And if that's not working then this work seems to cover a lot of the same salient points and maybe uses more accessible language as well, although it has a stronger focus on the present than on the origin of the concept of race and whiteness.

Basically, I just urge you all to keep chipping away at the lies told to you about history and humanity by our imperialist society. People of the 'dark ages' past were not more ignorant and racist than we are today; to the contrary, the concepts of race and racism are truly inventions that occurred after the colonization of the Americas, cultivated as weapons.

It is historically inaccurate to depict the Europe of ages past as 100% white. It is a fantasy non-history constructed by our current society.

P.S. For those of you who, like me, are really into the Virgin Mary, this post might be a nice place to jump into that blog: Retroactive Erasure: The Black Madonnas of Europe
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I have taken several videos of them actually, but I will only show you guys this one.

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Chick update #2:

Puck is really fucking loud. And incidentally, can escape through the bars of the brooder. She's just small enough.

I put some cardboard along the front of the cage (the other sides all have a metal plate covering the bottom few inches, and now I know why) and hopefully she'll get too big to fit in a day or so.

In the meantime, can't figure out a way to get her to STFU. I have checked by holding her closer to/further away from the light, it doesn't seem to be a temp issue.

Well, she's finally being quiet. Also, it sounds like one of them is beating the shit out of the cardboard. I think I rpobably need to go make sure she actually hasn't like, gotten stuck ors eomthing.

P.S. She has actually quieted down now, and I think gone to sleep, thank fucking god. I'm not going to go check unless I wake up her/one of the others again.
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Chicken updates so far:

The two light ones are indeed Cochin chickens. We've decided to keep them anyways (even though they are not the best layers).

Mom has named hers (the Barred Rock) Puck. Also, it is very lonely (keeps wandering around the edges and chirping loudly, staring at itself in the reflective metal surface and then pecking, etc.) so we're going to get another Barred Rock tomorrow to be her friend. Paige wants to name the sixth chicken Titania.

And, of course, the temperatures went way down tonight and suddenly after a whole week of hot-as-balls nights, it went from warm during the day to cold at night. So we can't find the right position for the light. Today they were all crowding away from it at the opposite end of the cage, so we fixed it until they were running around like normal. Then tonight we got back from dinner adn they were all huddled right near the light in a pile. (Paige: awwww, they're snuggling! Me: fuck.) So right now they're alright again but I'm afraid we'll wake up tomorrow and they'll be frozen/overheated to death.

Also, in terms of ages: Derek's EE seems to be a day or so younger than the others - is a bit smaller and rounder and puffier, sleeps more, shoves her way under the others when she's scared/cold. The two Cochins seem to be a day older than the rest - more feathered, more mobile, bolder. The difference between them is really clear now that they've settled in, Leyla is a bit of a bully and will sometimes peck at the others - but Puck will stop her and peck her right back if she starts trouble. Lady Macbeth has her head in the foodbowl pretty much all the time, and is really clumsy and/or keeps trying to dust herself in the food dish, I'm not sure which. Possibly both. It's pretty quick to tell them apart because as soon as they try to do something, you know Leyla will probably succeed (she can flap her way full across the cage) whereas Lady will...not (I've seen her get on top of the foodbowl once.)
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hay guiz



P.S. o man the cross-post failed the first time oops

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Alright. I just submitted job applications to...five or six different banks? in the area. I am legitimately excite about this :D BE BANK TELLER? SERVE CUSTOMER. COUNT MONEY? :D :D :D CAN DO JOB. BE GOOD AT JOB. FRIENDLY LIZARD.

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Worm composting; a very manageable and non-smelly indoor composting system.

According to the comments you will probably eventually get fruit flies no matter what you do, although since AFAIK fruit fly larvae are also adequate composters (and they aren't that big a deal as far as pests go...any food they get to is something that was probably past eating) it's not a big deal, but might affect where you put the bins/whether or not you want to implement any fly control. Also might be a deal breaker for people with compromised immune systems, phobias, etc. (I'm not actually sure what fruit flies carry in terms of disease)

Anyways, I think this is what we will do with the bedding inside the chicken coop when we clean it out, as well as any food we don't want to feed to the chickens/Tripper (mostly I'm thinking of grapes, which tend to...somehow become a problem in our house...because dogs can't eat them, and for some reason we never finish an entire thing of them, so then dad leaves them out on the counter to try and entice us to eat them and they just get squishy........and I've heard chickens need some coaxing to learn to eat them, maybe easier to just toss them to the worms). That way we can 'spread around' the, uh, 'benefits' of the chickens outside of their limited pasturing area, and the compost will be gentler than straight-up chicken manure as well so will be okay on new plants.
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Feeling a great deal better today than I have been - I think my body is finally catching up to the work I've been doing. Also, whatever was all swollen in my throat last night is fine now (I think it might have been my deep salivary gland - submandibular - mine tend to get aggravated a lot when I'm stressed, but I don't think it's ever been that one before, or maybe I just haven't noticed because the lymph nodes have been swollen around it).

ANYWAYS, we have indeed been making progress on the chicken coop, I've just been feeling too cruddy to share photos, but here they are now: )

P.S. Alright so we're watching uh...one of the Law & Order shows I don't watch often (maybe the original one?) and this plot has something to do with a fantasy-type nerd and cosplaying and conventions...and one of the detectives used the word 'hobbit faires'

and [profile] dakfire and I were like 'what the shit is a hobbit faire lol' but THEN


It could be like one part ren faire and two parts sustainable living/locavore

Like people could come and sell food they had grown themselves, trade seeds/plants/livestock, there could be discussions (like panels except they would be outside on the grass o u o) about sustainability/how to raise various backyard livestock/keeping gardens/canning food/etc.

like just imagine it, you could dress up as a hobbit/elf/generic ren faire clothing/harry potter if you fucking well like, and go out for the day and get some fried chicken or some turkey sausage from a local poultry keeper that's there selling fresh hot poultry, and buy some nice hand-made jewelry from a lady dressed up as a dwarf, and learn about the fucking cicadas that are going to be eating everyone's gardens this year (no really look out, CICADAS) and come home with a bunch of brand new seeds (and advice on how to grow them in local conditions from the person who cultivated them) and maybe an exotic duck to add to your flock and some new tea mixes and jams o u o

IDK, I just think it would be so much fun, and I think in the next decade or so we're going to see a lot more overlap in geeks/nerds + practicing self sufficiency. Because we geeks really like to DO THINGS, and be involved. That's where fandoms, cons, and cosplay come from. And why crowdfunding is working so well. Even the geeky groups that are more toxic are really good at doing shit when they want shit done (see: reddit's fundraising efforts, some of the things anonymous have done, etc.)

P.P.S. I have to stop editing the second to last paragraph here with more and more things one could buy at a hypothetical hobbit faire because it's just becoming a shopping list of all the things I would like to buy local, and frankly that's pretty much everything

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